Multimedia Services

Bored of your static website and wanting a dynamic and exciting design? The popularity of flash websites has reached a new height in recent past as they are more interactive to the viewers and can do what simple HTML based websites can not do.

Interested in having your own Animated Logo, Intro, Web Banner, Presentation, even an attractive animated website? Wherever these animations appear online, you will find the extensive use of the amazing software called Flash, which gives you unlimited creativity with graphic, sound and animation. Our experienced and highly gifted Flash designers can help you see your dream animation brought to life. And what’s more, Creative Visuals will ensure that you get world-class Flash design solutions at the most competitive prices.

Our multimedia solutions include the following services:
• Animated flash presentation
• Corporate CD or digital brochure
• PowerPoint to Flash conversion
• Flash intro or Flash animated logo
• Flash Website design
• Flash banner design
• ecatalog

Flash presentations : They have virtually transformed the way to communicate with your target audience and convince them to buy your products. and services. A Flash CD presentation with an inbuilt product catalog enables your prospective clients to watch an animated presentation about your products or services. This is much more convenient and cost effective as compared to live product demonstrations. These Flash demos are well delivered since the Flash animation technology allows you to effectively present the aspects of product that are otherwise difficult to communicate. For example a cross section of a complex machine equipment can be animated to show how it works exactly inCD presentation as product info.

Flash animation development : Well designed Flash based animations have potential to enhance a otherwise static content. At Graphic Impressions, our animatiors really add to the user experience, making it richer and more compelling for the viewers.

Powerpoint presentations : PowerPoint is a versatile business tool that allows users of all abilities to create attractive presentations. Graphic Impressions can magically transform these presentations once it reaches our experienced hands.